Detta inlägg vill jag kalla...VI KLARAR ALLT 8D

Heej :D
Detta inlägg heter VI KLARAR ALLT 8D
Det är SANT, till 100 %
We'll be in our and dry! In darkness and in light...

In a dark time, we seek refuge with each other, WHAT is more than that?
Than friendship? Than happiness? Than protection?
NO. Nothing...
We support each other one hundred percent. Be happy if you have it, happiness, friendship and protection! A friend to rely on, are you? Think? Think about it ...

If you have it, was happy then! Do not try to get more and more, but take it into the heart and live...<33


The lightning and thunder ...
WE can do it, we have two!

When everything seems hopeless, there you are there for me ...
Thanks, I'm there for you <33

DIAMOND ÄR FÖR MIG <33 JAG för honom ;*



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